Call credit for civil servants

These loans are characterized by very favorable conditions and do justice to the status that civil servants and civil servants enjoy. Officials as well as employees in the public service, managers or academics are also welcome customers at direct banks that offer the credit line for private customers.

The official status in lending

The official status in lending

If there is a target group that is least likely to have difficulties in getting a loan, it is clearly the officials. The secured, irrevocable position and the high income have a direct impact on the credit score, which is an important characteristic of the credit rating. However, it cannot be generalized here either, because in addition to the civil servants in permanent and permanent employment relationships, practice also shows civil servants on probation or civil servant candidates for whom the future is not yet so certain. If the bank knows the borrower and is aware of his income, an on-demand loan for civil servants without private credit bureau is sometimes possible.

Above all, the creditworthiness is endangered by a negative private credit bureau entry, which does not stop at civil servants, for example, if they do not meet their payment obligations. The extent to which an on-call credit is given to civil servants with poor creditworthiness depends in the event of a collateral or surety.

Installment loan or credit line for civil servants?

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The civil servant loan in its special form as an installment loan with low interest rates and very long terms, in which the repayment mainly comes from saved life insurance, is ideal for long-term credit requests. An on-demand loan for civil servants offers more flexibility in terms of disposition and repayment, but it can also become an interest-tax-related affair if it has existed for years and the loan amount is not balanced. It therefore always depends on the individual needs, what type of loan is chosen.

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